Internet Down!

The internet went down at home shortly after my last post.  Fortunately, I live right next to the library!  So tomorrow, I will be coming over and posting a real post.

Have a wonderful day all!

bugs, bugs, bugs!

I’m finally moved into my new place and starting to feel at home.  The other night I left my porch light on and wound up meeting some of the natives.


The funny part is I was talking to my God-mother on Facebook earlier in the day about the bugs in the south versus the north.  I told her I hadn’t seen anything impressive yet.  Man, was I proved wrong that very same day.


I think it’s funny how things work out.

Well, that is all I have for now, but my time is stating to free up again so I’ll be back soon.  Pleasant journey to you.  Till next time.  🙂