About Me and Mine

Hi there.  When I originally wrote my about me page I used nicknames out of fear.  Now that I have surpassed that fear I am updating my page.  I am leaving the nicknames available so that you can reference them if needed from earlier posts.

So let me begin.  When i was 9 i was diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality disorder.  I went through all the treatment as a child, but as an adult I thought I knew everything and stopped doing what was suggested.

During this time I had three lovely children.  Lilly, aka, my Wildflower is now 14 and is a girl, Hunter, aka, Jar Jar Binks is my 5-year-old boy who has ADHD himself, and Adelia, aka, Moose is my 2-year-old girl.

Now since my son was born I have been slowly finding myself falling deeper and deeper into my own disease.  This last year was the worst.  The harder I tried the worse things seemed to get.  Turns out the problem was my difficulty with following through on just about anything.  This was amplified by my son’s behavior and my inability to be as strong for him as I would like.

A two months ago I wound up moving to Alabama, filled with hurt and anger from the previous years.  I wanted and needed a fresh start.

Now I am starting a journey to recovery.  A journey where I can be healthy for myself and my kids.  A journey where my son can have his special needs met and my daughters don’t get left out.  A journey of a peaceful happy life doing the things that make us grow as people and a family.

Please join me for this journey and take from it some insight and perhaps a little bit of hope and help in your own life.

May you all have a pleasant journey.

stars SpaceCase Mommy

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