Not quite as planned

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. My internet has been down for quite some time now. I was excited because i live next to the library. I thought that i would be able to get online at a moments notice.  Boy was i wrong.
Funny how things worked out though. I had one of those free government phones. Turns out they don’t last a whole month when you have a teenager.
I wound up getting a smart phone through straight talk. I’ve had smart phones before, but i never really checked out the applications. Today i decided to give them a go.
I now have a schedule, a shopping and to-do list, coupons, a cleaning guide, my budget, and WordPress on my phone. I no longer have to try any keep several papers and thoughts organized. It’s all in one light weight place.
I’m feeling happy about all this. Turns out i can even upload photos.
Woohoo! I’m connected again.
Till next time 🙂

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