I’ll be on break

I’m working on  moving and sewing and a few other things.  So I won’t be posting as much.  I’ll be back when I’m done!

Amazing What a Walk Can Do!

Figuring out how to work from home when you haven’t had any success so far can be quite tedious.  So after sitting at home looking at website after website trying to figure out how I want to go about my craft I decided I needed a break.

I began to think of a way that I could get my mind back on the right path.  So when Moose went down for her nap, I had a friend keep an eye on her and walked downtown.

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Focus, Focus, Focus!

One of the things about being bipolar and borderline personality is despite how inspired or goal orientated I intend to be things get a little chaotic and it’s easy to get distracted.  With the upcoming adventures I have it is so very important for me to keep focused.

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I Wanna Work From Home!

For years I’ve been trying to work from home, but I had given up. I got tired of trying to push a business onto someone who really was interested.  I experienced several hurdles, many of which stemmed from having bipolar and borderline personality.  Another hurdle was the financial issues that I went through.

I never let go of the idea that it is possible to earn an income doing something I love. Over the last few months I have been trying to decipher all sorts of information, trying to pin point exactly what I want to do without being obtrusive to others.

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Unintentianal Broken Promises

“Hey Mom,  do you think I can go to my friends on Friday?” Wild Flower asks on Tuesday.

“Sure, that sounds ok” I say.

Friday comes along and I’m having an awful day.  Binks is off the wall with his ADHD, and I’m lurking on the point of sullen depression from the stress.  I haven’t showered because I’ve spent the whole day just trying to get Binks to sit still for 3 minutes.

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As the days go by I find myself getting more and more interested in blogging.  Not only am I facing one of my biggest fears, which is writing, I am getting increasingly intrigued in knowing what others like myself have to say.

I was looking around at other people’s blogs about mental illness and found an article that I thought I must share.  The article is It’s all in the mind.

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Saving Money is Making Money

Ok, I admit it.  I’m a bit on the poor side.  I’m a single mom with very little income, just trying to make it thru the day.  It’s not easy, but we manage.

If you read an earlier post of mine, Get Lost in a Good Read,then you may have figured out that one of my interests is reading.

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